New Year’s Traditions

Losing weight, getting your finances in order or quitting smoking are about the most traditional of the most quintessential of New Year’s traditions: making New Year’s resolutions. There’s good reason for this tradition — a […]



Use fresh holiday trimmings and decor that you can make yourself to make your Christmas wrapping absolutely beautiful. Use butcher paper and twine to make this simple but beautiful gift wrapping by adding holiday trimmings, […]


Wrap Up Holiday Stress

The holiday season can be tough. Days are shorter and to-do lists are longer, and the combination may stretch your nerves to the breaking point. But there’s help, this time from the Mayo Clinic. Keep […]


Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve is a great time for low-key, fun traditions that your family looks forward to every year. The holiday season can get overrun with parties, shopping trips, cooking, travel and more. And Christmas itself […]


Christmas Tradition Origins

Ever wonder why we decorate fir trees or hang mistletoe during the Christmas season? Households, regions and families have a variety of traditions to celebrate Christmas, ranging from ugly sweaters to drinking eggnog to a […]