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Flavors of Summer | Strawberry Drinks

STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKES Makes four servings. Recipe is from Taste of Home. Ingredients 2/3 cup 2% milk 3 cups strawberry ice cream 1 cup fresh strawberries 2 tablespoons strawberry syrup Directions In a blender, combine all […]

Food + Drinks

Perfect Picnics in the Park

Picnics in the park offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while indulging in delicious food and quality time with loved ones. Whether you’re planning a romantic date, a family gathering or a […]

Food + Drinks

On The Grill | Corn on the Grill

Corn is ripe at the height of summer, and with its hardy texture and compact shape, it’s ideal forthrowing on the grill. While a simple combination of butter and salt is always tasty, here are […]

Food + Drinks

Say Aloha to Pineapple Drinks

Pineapple, the prickly, bright yellow fruit of Hawaii, plays well with any spirit, but is especially at home with rum drinks. Here are some recipes to add tropical flavor to your sips. PINEAPPLE POTION Makes […]

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SOLAR ECLIPSE | Solar Eclipse Basics

While solar eclipses have existed ever since the moon was formed — which scientists say happened several billion years ago — humans’ understanding of the eclipse is more recent. Below are answers to some common […]