Navigate Winter Activities in Style

This year, complete activities from your winter bucket list in style by looking your best.

Winter weather creates plenty of opportunities to express yourself with layers of clothing, accessories and make-up options. Check out some of the most popular trends for the chilly weather.

PUNK SPIRIT Plaid, leather and fishnet tights dominated winter fashion show runways this year. Compliment your punkish outfit with oversized jackets, slouchy blazers and bold necklaces or bracelets. If black leather coats are in your wardrobe, pair them with aggressive dark-colored pants that feature rips or bleach stains. The sophisticated punk outfit is tied together with tall stilettos or chunky boots. Don’t forget the accents like heavy make-up, chokers and a grungy, chopped hairstyle.

DON’T CALL IT A COMEBACK — THE ‘80S Fashion in the 1980s stood out due to bold style, colors, silhouettes and, of course, permed hair. Experts expect the timeless statement to make a big comeback this year and become a popular trend, especially during the winter. Famous design teams like Fendi, Vuitton and Givenchy are inspiring the trend with classic twists on biker shorts, puffy shoulder pads and shimmering ensembles Fashionistas are also aiming to brighten up cold winter temperatures with fluorescent pullovers and jackets with amazing neon knits.

SHEARLING COATS Shearling material jackets don’t only offer warmth during the cold, their timeless design is incredibly chic. The coats were popular in the ‘70s due to their fuzzy appearance, but 2020 fashion shows were loaded with re-imagined designs. Expect to find winter wear featuring muted, neutral colors, like light brown or cream palettes. Many soft tones are complemented by dark cuffs and hems to pull off an elegant and comfortable look. While a high-quality shearling coat may be an investment compared to your other jackets, the garment will become a wardrobe staple during the cold. Since the material is so sensitive, it’s imperative to follow the designers washing instructions. With proper care, it can become a go-to accessory that works for casual or professional events.

Shearling material jackets don’t only offer warmth during the cold, their timeless design is incredibly chic!