Stay Chic & Cool: Your Ultimate Summer Swimsuits Guide for 2024!

  1. Embrace Bold Colors and Patterns: Summer 2024 is all about making statements. Don’t shy away from vibrant hues, tropical prints, or striking geometric patterns to stand out by the pool or on the beach. Check out Venus perfect fit tank here.
  2. Sustainable Fabrics: Look for swimsuits made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials. Brands are increasingly using recycled plastics and fabrics that are kinder to our planet without compromising on style or durability. Check out CUPSHE recycled swim collection here.
  3. High-Waisted Bikinis: A trend that continues to dominate, high-waisted bottoms offer a flattering fit for various body types, providing both comfort and a dash of retro chic.
  4. Versatile Cover-ups: Opt for cover-ups that can take you from beach to brunch seamlessly. Think airy tunics, wrap skirts, or even a lightweight kimono that can double as a stylish outfit when paired with the right accessories. Check our Linen & Flax Rosemary Cover Up Here.
  5. Sporty with a Twist: Athletic-inspired swimwear doesn’t have to be purely functional. Look for pieces with interesting cutouts, mesh inserts, or unexpected color blocks that add a fashionable edge.
  6. One-Piece Wonders: The one-piece swimsuit continues to reign, offering sleek silhouettes and a variety of cuts — think deep Vs, scoop backs, and high-leg designs, perfect for making a splash.
  7. Mix and Match: Personalization is key in 2024. Don’t be afraid to mix and match tops and bottoms to create a unique swimsuit that expresses your personal style and preference.
  8. Texture Talk: Textured fabrics like ribbing, smocking, and ruching add depth and interest to your swimwear, providing an instant uplift to any swimsuit design.
  9. Underwire Support: For those looking for extra support, underwire tops are making a stylish comeback, combining the necessary support with fashionable designs.
  10. Cutouts and Straps: Swimsuits with sophisticated cutouts and intricate strap details offer a glamorous option for poolside lounging or beach outings. They provide a unique way to show off your style, with just the right touch of elegance and playfulness.
  11. Sun Protection: With health and wellness taking center stage, look for swimsuits that offer UV protection. Many brands now offer fabric that blocks out harmful rays, keeping your skin safe while you enjoy the sun. Check out Cabana Life Sun Protection Swimwear here.
  12. Retro Revival: Vintage styles from the ’60s and ’70s, including belted swimsuits and balconette tops, are making a comeback, offering a nostalgic charm with a modern twist.
  13. Size Inclusivity: More brands are embracing a broader range of sizes, ensuring everyone can find their perfect fit and feel confident on the beach or at the pool. Swimwear Soultion has something for everyone. Check out their website here.
  14. Detachable Details: Removable sleeves, belts, and other accessories are a fun and functional way to customize your look, allowing for multiple styles within a single swimsuit.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’re all set to find the perfect swimsuit that not only keeps you cool but also ensures you’re on-trend for Summer 2024.