Think Positive

When things aren’t going your way, it’s easy to shut yourself off from the world and assume everything will get worse. Practicing positive thinking can remove the invisible rain cloud and let in the sunshine. […]


Spring into Safety

Within the home, you and your family rely on many components to maintain your safety. This spring make time to inspect these important systems to ensure they are working efficiently. It can be easy to […]


Don’t Dread the Swimsuit

When swimsuit season is approaching, many of us begin to notice the extra pounds we’ve packed on over the winter months. If you’ve let a few extra pounds slip on, toning exercises can help you […]

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Weight Loss after 40

It’s not your imagination. Those extra pounds get extra stubborn after you turn 40. Here are some reasons you might be fighting the battle of the bulge extra hard as you get older. HORMONES As […]