Missouri Magazine’s Most Beautiful People in 2022 winners announced.

Congratulations to this year’s beautiful people, inside and out!

Beauty is more than skin deep. It is being a beautiful person inside and out. This isn’t just an outwardly appearance-based award. This group of amazing people were nominated and chosen by people who personally and professionally respect them. To our Missouri Magazine’s Most Beautiful People 2022 winners, thank you so much for being a beautiful person inside and out. You’re admired and dear to so many people in your circle and community. We appreciate you and all you do for your family, friends, and community. Look for the Most Beautiful People special edition coming out on September 1st, 2022.

In no particular order. Here is our winners for Missouri Magazine’s Most Beautiful People in 2022.

  1. Missy Chambers
  2. Sheri Holloway
  3. Holly McDowell
  4. Meloney Kleeman
  5. Patrick Mahomes
  6. Simone Esters
  7. Amanda Woodman
  8. Megan Renee Kelly
  9. Kaitlyn Davis
  10. Lisa Rau
  11. Alisha Porterfield
  12. Erica Henenberg
  13. Becca Varner
  14. Kimberly Young
  15. Katelyn Lewis
  16. Sarah Lehman
  17. Amy Oberbeck
  18. Destiny Whitson
  19. Nikki Sorenson
  20. Broc Barton
  21. Mary Kay von Brendel
  22. Allie Chaney
  23. Yolanda Kehr
  24. Landree Hills
  25. Jenna Todoroff
  26. Angela Bax
  27. Jennifer Loganbill
  28. Erin Coleman, DDS
  29. Bethany Kay Walsh
  30. Ryan Sylvester
  31. Ana Dale
  32. Abbie Mueller
  33. Micah LaCerte
  34. Kaitlin Windmueller
  35. Whitney Wade
  36. Megan Young
  37. Claudia Kelly
  38. Chrystal Berry
  39. Kalise Lischwe
  40. Zach Paul
  41. Lauren Mitchell
  42. Samantha Turek
  43. Karen McQueary
  44. Cierra Grein
  45. Chelsea McGill
  46. Meghan Lane
  47. Johnny Morris
  48. Craig Wescott
  49. Allyssa Elaine Stevenson
  50. Melissa Payne Bohlmann