Trends and Styles in Swimwear

Whether you’re headed for the pool, the lake or the beach, summer allows you to peel off the layers of winter and don the outdoor fashions of the season — namely swimwear. Men’s summer fashion trends remain relatively consistent (trunks and shorts in various styles and patterns), but women’s swimwear is a category on its own.

While you’ve been working out to get in shape for the summer and revealing swimwear, designers have been working to provide options at all price points in a variety of styles. Check out the top trends in swimwear for 2019.

High-Cut bottoms: It’s back to the future for this revealing, leg-lengthening style. These bold, flattering bottoms will be ubiquitous this season — even in one-piece suits.

Knots and ties: Another style revival, knots and ties return this season — from bows, strap-wraps and waist ties — to offer a flattering choice for almost any body type.

Colors: While bright, bold colors seem to always be in fashion, this year subtle skin tones are arriving in swimwear to accent a minimalist, modern trend.

Patterns: Animal prints never truly went out of style, leopardand cheetah-spotted swimwear everywhere this season — along with a new look: snakeskin prints.

Hardware: What could be more trendy or practical than jewelry matched with swimwear? These suits are as convenient as they are chic.

Strapless tops: Want to eliminate as many tan lines as possible while wearing a flattering silhouette? Strapless necklines are making a big comeback this year. Of course, styles and colors are unlimited and most women find a flattering style, color or print and tend to stick with it.

Sporty color-blocking: Colorblocking uses dual shades — waist up and waist down — and employs straps or a reversible weave to blend the two.

Washed-out minimalism: More brands are embracing minimalist, simple colors in a variety of silhouettes and simple prints from black-and-white to ribbed textures.

Sweet and sexy: For the more romantic, style-watchers see shades of pink, red and purple with feminine details such as bows, ruffles and keyhole cutouts.

Tropical flavor: Palm prints are perennial favorites, but the magazine identified next-level trends in superbright colors and off-the-shoulder silhouettes mixed with ruching and ruffles.

Photo Credit: Victoria Secret