Eating For Healthy Skin

Most are familiar with the role diet plays in maintaining a waistline. Did you know certain foods are also a contributor to the overall health of your skin? To keep your body’s largest organ’s youthfulness, […]

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Weight Loss after 40

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Health Tips: Healthy Spring Diet

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Spring Skin Care

Warmer weather means more sun and that means you will have to take extra care of your skin. Here are some tips how to take better care of your skin during the spring and summer […]


Revamp your Routine

When sedentary or unhealthy routines become habitual, your mental and physical health likely suffers the consequences. Make a change to your life by committing to add more beneficial behaviors. The additions do not have to […]


Sticking to Resolutions

Whether you resolve to lose weight or change an unhealthy habit, sticking to a year-long commitment requires determination and dedication. For many, staying on track is easy for the first few months. Still, as the […]