Hanging Eucalyptus In Your Shower Is a Stress Relief

While so many people are feeling anxious and stressed during this uncertain time. Here is a great tip to get some relaxation and relieve some stress.

Using eucalyptus in the shower is kind of brilliant, if you think about it: Your succulents are always dying on you anyway, so keeping them in the shower is a perfect way to get that misty spray of moisture they need. Plus, eucalyptus has a long-proven history as a natural healer, so if you’ve been feeling extra anxious add a little eucalyptus to your shower.

The idea is to hang eucalyptus around your shower head, so that it’s not directly beneath the water.

Instead, you want it to hang around or over the shower nozzle, so that you benefit from the aromatherapy without beating the plant to its demise after a quick shower. According to New Beauty, the steam of the shower will trigger a release of essential oils from the plant, which in turn will make your shower smell absolutely lovely, and may just make you feel downright amazing, both psychologically and physically.

If your shower head is too short to hang the eucalyptus without getting it drenched. Here is another way to hang it in your shower. Wrapping twine around your eucalyptus then hang it on your wall using a push pin.

Eucalyptus essential oil is often used to relax and de-stress, according to Miracle Botanicals. It’s commonly used with humidifiers (to spread the smell around a room), or it can even be applied directly to a person’s temples. What’s more, the sheer presence of the eucalyptus plant might be enough to help you relax, as well.

If you’re looking to hop on this wellness trend, you can buy a eucalyptus plant at any local plant or flower shop.