When Fashion Speaks

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By: Tiffany Ash

Whether we realize it or not, our clothes and our style send a message. What we put on our bodies says something about who we are and what we believe. Some fashion brands have taken the opportunity to send a message via clothing and accessories a step further, writing their core beliefs and visions right on their products.

For some brands, it’s a message on a tshirt, for another, it might be tucked inside on the tag, and for others, it’s a word or phrase on an old key or piece of jewelry, or even shoes! I, for one, love this trend. I love that what I believe as a human being can be reflected on what I choose to wear! At The Giving Keys, the CEO of the company believes so strongly in the idea of “paying it forward”, that she built her brand on the mission of passing on your purchase (a key necklace or bracelet engraved with a word that is meaningful to you, the customer) when and if someone else needs some encouragement or inspiration.

So cool! I also have a favorite tank top that reads, “Raise Good Humans” from Mom Culture. Sometimes I just need that reminder as a mom that my end goal of all of the hard work of parenting is just to raise a good human being. When I wear this tank top it always becomes the topic of conversation with other parents. Another one of my favorite brands, Brunette the Label, incorporates its mission of women supporting women with a line of sweatshirts, t-shirts and other items that are all about “Babes Supporting Babes”.

You know I’m rocking that sweatshirt because I believe so strongly in girls advocating for one another rather than being haters of each other! One thing I’ve learned since entering into the fashion world full time is that this industry has a loud voice. What I mean by that is that there’s great opportunity to create change or spread a bold message. And I think shoppers are drawn to brands who are transparent about what they believe and are striving to accomplish as a business.

If you’re into brands that send a positive message and do it in a bold way, go check out some of these labels: Brunette the Label : @brunettethelable Mom Culture : @themomculture Giving Keys : @thegivingkeys

Happy Shopping! xoxo – Tiffany

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