Student Spotlight

This month’s student spotlight goes to the University of Missouri’s newest addition to the softball team, Kathleen “Eli” Daniel. Eli Daniel formerly played softball for Gainesville, Georgia’s Brenau University starting off her Freshman year by pitching for the Golden Tigers. Eli was offered a spot on the Varsity team and thrived throughout the year as she pitched an incredible season.
            Leading her team to victory, Eli and the Golden Tigers journeyed on to Nationals. On June 2nd of 2017, Eli was named National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Pitcher of the Year. In 1988, the NAIA national record for strikeouts was set at a total of 540, until Eli broke that record with an unbelievable total of 579 strikeouts throughout the entire softball season. Eli carried a 43-4 individual record assisting the Golden Tigers in a second-place victory at Nationals.
            Eli Daniel has been offered a spot to play at the University of Missouri this upcoming season and is excited to continue her career playing for the NCAA. Although many people are upset to see Eli leave Brenau, they’re very excited to see what this journey has in store for her and can’t wait to follow her in the seasons to come!