Made by hand in the heartland

By Jazmin Decker

Printing photos to capture the memories of family outings, memorable vacations, or lifelong friendships has been the ultimate way to acquire long lasting memories ever since the seventeenth century. Mpix, a premium photo lab located in Pittsburg, Kansas, is known for creating photographic stationary and goods printed with top-of-the-line paper and exceptional color. This past week I had the opportunity to test out the printing company for myself and I must admit, I was quite impressed!

When exploring the website, the very first step to sharing photographs and creating photo goods is to sign up and create a free account. After creating the account, the website opens to various choices of photo gifts, photo books, wall art, and prints to choose from and customize to best suit whatever the occasion may be. Mpix provides a variety of options to choose from, whether that be trading cards, magazine covers, calendars, mounted frames, photo albums, keychains, memory boxes, etc.! To get started with ordering your prints, you must first upload whatever photos you would like to possibly use and put them into an album on the website. Once you add photos from your desktop or from a source of social media, make sure to click upload and all your selected photos will be located in the album on the website for the rest of the time. I ultimately uploaded as many pictures as I wanted to in order to dabble and experiment with the different photo gifts that I later decided to order.

Because I’m moving into an apartment soon and need a little assistance with decorating, I personally chose to order a large dry erase calendar to help me stay organized and on track while away at college as well as a few photo magnets to add a little personality to the fridge in the new apartment. Navigating the website was incredibly easy to use and everything was so organized that I could find exactly what I wanted to create in such a short amount of time. The admirable quality about Mpix is that they make sure to include all the information about the product that is needed to make the best and most detailed decision as possible. When I went to order the dry erase board, for example, the company made sure to include which size I wanted to choose from, the material the board was made from, what the entire gift includes, which type of style I wanted the board to be in, and finally the processing time to create the entire gift. With all this information included, I knew exactly what product I was bound to receive and about how long it would take to receive it all.

Along with the multiple photo gifts that I chose to purchase for myself and for others, I thought it would be a great idea to create a framed print for the apartment to remember the incredible family and friends that I have in my life. Framing prints online is a lot more difficult than in stores because a variety of choices must be made during the creation of the product. With that being said, it was very easy to navigate the framed photo prints tab and create the gift that I will cherish for a lifetime. Mpix allows you to choose from three professional quality photographic papers with one of the sixteen frame finishes. Starting at 3.5×5” going all the way up to a 20×30” print, Mpix allows you to create a high quality framed print with whatever color or finish you would like your frame to be in all for a very reasonable and affordable price. The problem multiple customers and I have when printing out photographs in this large of a size is that the final print is either pixilated or has a green tint to it. The quality of the prints at Mpix stays true to the photo you initially upload on the website and arrive looking just as beautiful as they did when they were taken.

Besides the website being extremely easy to navigate, the number one quality that sets Mpix above the rest is their exceptionally fast processing and shipping times. Many orders ship in 24 hours after the order has been uploaded, while strictly print orders can be shipped out all in the same day! When shipping your orders out, you can choose between Economy (10+ days shipping), Standard (2-5 days shipping), or Expedited (1 business day shipping). The delivery date of my prints and gifts was spot on and packaged perfectly to where the items weren’t damaged or lost in the process of traveling to my house.

The items that I had ordered by Mpix turned out in perfect condition and were in even better quality than I had hoped or expected. As a photographer, I tend to take multiple pictures to capture every memory that I possibly can. With the help of Mpix, I am now able to have material prints that I can cherish for a lifetime. Mpix provided exceptional service and high-quality prints that will allow me to preserve my past for many years to come. If I have the opportunity to endorse this company again in the near future, I definitely will take advantage of their wonderful products and create many more memorable items. Mpix is the go-to source for any prints if you’re looking for commendable service and expeditious shipping time. Like Mpix says, “preserve your past. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did”.