Sticking to New Year Resolutions

Whether you resolve to lose weight or change an unhealthy habit, sticking to a year-long commitment requires determination and dedication. For many, staying on track is easy for the first few months. Still, as the calendar marches on, some struggle to maintain.

The key to succeeding in your New Year’s resolutions is by setting realistic goals for yourself. When deciding on a long-term objective, create a list of small steps to take that make the ultimate achievement more accessible. Reaching little milestones throughout the year can help make the process more fun and rewarding. Check out these tips from the American Psychological Association to keep yourself motivated and achieve the great results you desire.


If you have several bad habits that you plan to resolve, avoid becoming overwhelmed by addressing each one separately. Consider which behavior is most important to cut out of your life and start there. When your goal is to get into the gym, but membership is hard to afford, you can work on cutting out habits like smoking or eating out to save money. Until you have the savings from avoiding expensive behaviors, work out at home before funding a yearlong member fee at your local facility. Cutting out expensive or unhealthy addictions will lead to a healthier lifestyle that can impact your performance once you do hit the gym.


Working toward achievements with friends or like-minded peers is a great way to be held responsible for ultimately reaching your goals. Find people in your life who plan to set similar New Year’s resolutions and ask to team up or form a bond of support. Plan to communicate each week and discuss how things are going and talk through any setbacks. When unable to find someone close to you for support, take advantage of social media groups where you can connect with people all over the world. The multiple points of view can paint a better perspective that will help reach your goal in a different way than you imagined.


Try not to beat yourself up if you don’t meet the milestones as quickly as you imagined. Changing your lifestyle can be difficult. Use the setbacks as learning experiences to put into action when you are discouraged or feel like giving up on your resolutions.