Set New Goals in 2020

Have you ever created a New Year’s Resolution only for your plans to fall short? Holding yourself responsible for life-changing promises can be challenging when life gets in the way. Don’t give up. This can be the year you stick to your promises and become a better you.

Finding the motivation to stick to the plan can be daunting. It’s essential to take the changes day by day and not be discouraged by small missteps. Welcome the new decade by forgiving yourself for defaulting on resolutions and use mistakes as learning experiences going forward.


A popular resolution is to lose weight. While it has excellent health benefits and promotes a better lifestyle, accomplishing it takes time, patience and hard work. Before falling for a fad diet or attempting to shed pounds through vigorous exercise, check with a doctor before making monumental life changes. An expert can ensure your body is in condition to begin a physical routine and may regulate your efforts with restrictions if your heart may be affected. Other professionals you can contact are a nutritionist and physical therapist. With the green light from your physician, follow your customized diet plan to achieve your goals safely and at a steady pace.


When your job begins affecting your mood or leaving you bored and unenthused, a career change may be in order. Spend the year making steps toward a new avenue that benefits you both mentally and financially. Steps you can take include working with a professional resume writer, taking courses to gain certification and experience and volunteering for roles within the industry.