Thinking about Juicing? Here is the Beginners Guide to Juicing from SQeZ

By; Dr. Wrendy Marcinik

I am sure by now, if you haven’t already tried it yourself, you have heard about a friend or relative who orders fresh juices or juices fresh produce themselves at home. There are many people who will drink juices daily in addition to eating meals, and still others like to complete juice cleanses where they will not eat for a certain period of time and only consume fresh juices from fruits and veggies. Most of the time these cleanses last 3 to 5 days but there are some that are much more extreme. This is where the questions begin to flow. How long should I juice for? What are the benefits of juicing or why should I complete a juice cleanse? What kind of juices will benefit me best? Are there juice cleanses better suited for beginners verses advanced juicers?

So we wanted to take the chance to talk to you a little more so you know what type of cleanse would benefit you the best here at SQeZ!

Juice cleansing by definition is a detox or also considered a short term diet to give your digestive system a break. It allows you to provide the nutrients and vitamins you still need without having to process anything solid which aides in being able to flush your body clean. Please take note that there is a major difference between juicing and blending. When you juice fruits and vegetables you are squeezing the juices and separating them from the skin and pulp of the fruit or veggie. When you blend fruits or veggies it will mix all of the parts of the item together including all of the fibrous parts of the food.

The kinds of fruits and veggies you decide to juice also makes a difference. We have specifically formulated several cleanses that help focus on different parts of the bodily functions or boost certain areas of your health. Some cleanses are made for gut detox’s, some for hair, skin, and nail support, and some are even formulated for that added boost of vitamins, nutrients, and major anti-inflammatory compounds that will naturally give you a big energy boost. Certain veggies are great for reducing inflammation such as oranges, berries, avocados, and any leafy greens such as kale or spinach. Foods such as ginger, beets, garlic, kefir, and apples are all great for overall gut or kidney health. There are also foods that are great for increasing metabolism and energy such as cucumbers, any green leafy veggie, mint, lemon, and coconut water. We have several drinks on our menu that contain all of these ingredients. Whatever your reason for considering a juice cleanse we can help point you in the right direction.

If you are wondering what length of time you should exclusively juice for then you should be asking yourself what your goals are from juicing and what health issues you are addressing. If you are wanting to generally give your digestive system a break and reduce the need to process foods so that you can detox then the average time frame ranges from 3-5 days. This small window of time allows you to safely juice and detox on your own. If you are addressing something more chronic or an ongoing health issue that would require an extended time of detox juicing then we always suggest working closely with your healthcare provider. The reason behind this is because you should be monitored by your physician to make sure you remain healthy during your cleanse. There are some major issues that individuals can suffer from during a more intense juice cleanse such as electrolyte deficiencies and blood sugar imbalances which need to be watched closely.

At SQeZ we offer a few different 3-5 cleanses specifically formulated to help you meet your short and long term goals. Visit our website for more descriptions on the juice cleanse packages we offer and pre-order there. If you have any other questions always feel free to send us a Facebook message, email, or give us a call! All of our staff here are very knowledgeable in juicing and can point you toward the right cleanse for you. Until then, Happy Juicing!

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Dr. Wrendy Marcinik