Let’s Talk Lashes

By: Tiffany Ash

So let’s talk lash extensions… Have you tried them yet? If not, allow me to introduce you to your newfound fashion addiction. I first tried to have a set put on some 4 years ago and no where at the Lake of the Ozarks was doing them. In fact, I was told by the aesthetician I made an appointment with that, “I only do those on old ladies?” And instead she sold me some Latisse. I was shocked because even 4 years ago extensions were all over the gram!

Fast forward to today when some aestheticians and stylists are doing nothing BUT lash extensions. I have now been with my girl (Erin) for a solid 3 years and going! I feel like my lash extensions are one staple that I must keep in my life regardless (kind of like a once per month facial). I wanted to learn more about why lash extensions have become such a thing, so I interviewed Katie Cole, lash extension extraidionairre and owner of Lashes By Katie Cole located in Osage Beach, Mo.

How often do your clients have extensions applied? Clients need to get refills every 2-3 weeks What’s the average cost? A whole new set of lashes can range from $90-$120. Refills range from $50-$85. All pricing will depend on the lash artist as well. What kind of care do the extensions require? Minimal care is required. Avoid products with oil and just be gentle with your lashes. How long does an appointment take? A full set is typically booked for an hour. A refill will generally take 30-45 minutes. My lash appointments have become a favorite part of my monthly routine. I see Erin about twice a month and my 30 minute appointments are intentional quiet spots in my schedule that require little thought or effort from me.

My eyes are forced to remain closed during that time, I cannot take phone calls or answer texts messages, and I don’t even have to talk if I don’t want to. My mind drifts away with the sounds of soft music playing in the background and usually I fall asleep. Only to wake 30 minutes later with a set of long, beautiful lashes gracing my eye lids. Want to know more about lash extensions? Check out my girls Lashes by Katie Cole (@lashesbycakecakecole) and Erin Bell (@erinleelash) for all the deets. Or find an artist in your hometown — and prepare to be addicted!

xoxo – Tiffany