Easy Ways Trim Down

Summertime means swimsuit season, and no matter your body type or size, you should look forward to some fun in the sun. If you’re looking to slim down or bulk up a bit before you hitting the beach, Health.com has suggestions that won’t take over your life and will help feel better as well as looking better.


The benefit of spring is fresh fruits and vegetables start hitting the store, which makes it easier to load up your plate with salads, berries, carrot sticks and apples slices. Anytime you eat, whether it’s a meal or snack, try to make produce at least half of it. Those fiber-filled servings will help fill you up without adding a bunch of calories to your diet.

Now is also a good time to swap out soda, tea and juice for water. Water makes your skin look better and can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. There’s not a set amount of you should drink, but aim for several glasses each day. Keeping a water bottle at your desk or in the car will help remind you to drink more. Don’t like the taste of water? Add lemon, cucumber slices or berries to your water.


Find a friend, make a good playlist (or a few of them to mix things up) and look for different types of workouts— go for a walk or hike, go to every fitness class your gym offers or try rock climbing or kickboxing. Also, look for ways to add a little extra exercise in your routine. Take the stairs, do planks or bicep curls during commercial breaks or get a standing desk for your office. You can also focus on specific muscle groups — putting a big focus on core or arms can help you see results in those areas that will help you feel better in your swimsuit.

Build on your workout time and intensity each week. Tack on a little extra every week. Five more minutes of working out means another couple of rounds of squats or pushups, another half mile on the treadmill or several more blocks of walking. Also look for ways to add more intensity to your workout. Time your walks or runs and increase your speed a little each week or increase the amount of weight you’re lifting.