Fun Things to do in the Snow

The theme of 2020 thus far includes an intense urgency to social distance and avoid large gatherings. While many families have used the circumstances as a chance to spend more time together and grow stronger, staying at home may cause some to go stir crazy. Fortunately, the approaching winter snow offers an opportunity to explore your creative side, all while keeping your distance from large crowds of people in enclosed spaces. In addition to traditional snowmen and snow angels, give some of these fun and exciting ideas a try.


Use the fresh snow as an endless pallet to express yourself. Avoid using spray paint loaded with chemicals and instead fill squirt bottles with water and food coloring. Try to use containers with tips that offer multiple spraying ranges to give yourself more tools to create exciting artwork. If you have young children, consider making it a competition where the winner gets first dibs on hot chocolate or chooses a movie to watch as your family warms up inside.


Set the scene for an epic snowball fight arena by building forts across your property. To begin, you’ll want to mark the perimeter of the structure with a stick or shovel. Next, use packed snow from a drift to create the walls and leave space for an entrance. Don’t forget to fill the bunkers with freshly packed snowballs, so participants have ready access to ammo. The process of tearing down the forts during a friendly competition can be more enjoyable than the work you put in during construction.


Give a classic science project a fun winter twist by forming snow into the shape of a volcano. Leave a space on top large enough to fit a mason jar inside. Ask your children to help you fill the container with two spoonfuls of baking soda, a spoonful of dish liquid and their choice of food coloring. Once the mixture is inside the volcano, pour in vinegar to begin the eruption and get a mini science lesson.