2019 Missouri Magazine’s Person of the Year Award Stacey Embry

“We are excited to announce a special award we will present every year at our Missouri’s Best annual Red-Carpet Event, Missouri Magazine’s Person of the Year Award. When our team at Missouri Magazine was deciding on who should be the first to receive this amazing award one person came to mind. She is one of a kind. A devoted wife, mother, friend, determined and cancer survivor. Her strength, courage, determination, faith and so much more has always stood out throughout her journey.” said Missouri Magazine Owner/Publisher Cheri Cranford

Stacey has been the director of the Morgan County library for three years. Stacey was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in her kidneys and bladder. She has shared much of her journey through the Morgan County Library Blog the Book Worm in the Versailles Leaderstatesman newspaper and on the library’s Facebook page. If you haven’t had a chance to read her journey we encourage you to take time and read her blog. Her last chemo treatment was at the end of October. She was told she was in remission the first part of November.

Marvin Bescheinen – Owner of Bescheinen Family Furniture, Running Partner, friend

“When Stacey does something, she gives it her all, her 110%. On some of the training runs we would do, I thought she was trying to kill me some days. Before I really knew Stacey well, I always noticed at the gym she was always on time and when she made a commitment, she stuck to it. Later as we began to train together, and things got tough she got tougher. I admired that and always felt fortunate to have her as a running partner.”

Brenda Steffens- President of the Morgan County Library Board

“When I think of Stacey Embry, Hebrews 12:1 come to mind, “Let us run with determination, the race that lies before us.” When Stacey became director of the Morgan County Library, she looked at what the library needed to do and where it needed to go and took off running making great improvements and hasn’t stopped yet. When she was diagnosed with cancer, did she quit the race, No! She continued to run with that same determination and set an example for all of us. Thank you, Stacey, for running with determination and providing the leadership and example for all of us!”

Michelle Gerlt- friend

“Stacey has a way of looking at the world and the people in a way that most others can’t or won’t. Where some would only see flaws, she can find the beauty.  She can find humor in places where others would only see anger or bitterness.  She can see what is real underneath it all, and what really matters.  She talks about being a people watcher, but I think that is what makes her notice the raw truths and vulnerabilities of what makes us human.  Because of that, she is one of the most empathetic people I’ve ever met.   I think if she was born hundreds of years ago, she would have been one of those wise women that people came from miles and miles to see to get advice.  I love listening to her talk and tell stories.  She can hold a room captive with her wit, her smile, and her commanding presence. I’ve shared more laughs with her than I can count, and probably just as many tears, both happy and sad.  She is a true and loyal friend, a devoted wife and mother, and a champion of her community.  Most of all, she is just a one-of-a-kind, amazing human being.”

It was our honor to present 2019 Missouri Magazine’s Person of the Year award to Stacey Embry.

Photo Credit: Katie Crum Photography, LLC