Stay Healthy While Traveling

For many, a New Year’s resolution includes exploring new locations and embracing different cultures. If you are planning to leave your comfortable routine and embark on the lifestyle of travel, you should be cautious of falling ill in unfamiliar territory.

Before traveling, talk to your doctor about the locations you intend to visit. They can recommend immunizations for common ailments you may be exposed to and recommend specific instructions about staying well. While traveling it can be difficult to stick to the healthy lifestyle you are accustomed to at home. Since your routine will be vastly different, it’s incredibly important to take care of yourself while you’re embarking on brand-new experiences. Here are some ways to keep yourself safe while traveling abroad.


According to the American Heart Association, staying hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the vessels to our muscles. This can take a great strain off the organ which has to work harder when dehydration sets in. The amount of water you require can differ based on climatic conditions, the clothing you’re wearing, and how much you’re moving. Keep in mind, thirst is not a good indicator of being dehydrated; if you’re thirsty, it’s already happening.

Symptoms of dehydration include: • Dark-colored or strong-smelling urine. • Passing urine less often than usual. • Intense thirst and dry mouth. • Tiredness or feeling lightheaded. If you’re traveling abroad in an area without clean drinking water, it’s crucial to find a source for purified drinks immediately.


Your body is efficient in alerting you when something is wrong. Whether you’re suffering from stomach pains, irritability or tiredness, it’s a good idea to seek a doctor. The solution may be as easy as eating better, taking medication or getting more sleep. If you’re in an unfamiliar location, familiarize yourself with medical professionals upon arrival.


When you’re on a lavish vacation or traveling abroad, it’s important to maintain your physical activity. Take advantage of attractive hiking trails or free gyms in the hotel you are staying in. By staying active, your body will be prepared when you return home and get back to your normal routine.