Keeping a Healthy Glow

Winter is no friend to your skin. Colder weather brings drops in humidity that keep the air dry, robbing skin of the moisture it needs to maintain a healthy glow.

The dual elements of a colder outdoors and warmer indoors can complicate matters, sometimes taking skin from dry to cracking. That’s why it’s important to prepare and care for your skin as soon as you feel that first winter wind. The experts at Be Well have some tips to keep skin more health, comfortable and youthful.


Resist the urge for a hot shower if you can, but even more when caring just for your face and hands. Lukewarm water is less harsh and will reduce the amount oils stripped from your skin.


The skin requires more moisturizer in the winter — even more after washing. The liberal use of moisture helps keep dampness in skin after cleansing, so keep a bottle handy near where you wash or clean your face and hands.


Not all moisturizers are alike. Some have petroleum-based ingredients not intended for the winter months that may dry your skin eve more. Do some research to select the most natural, nourishing, hydrating moisturizer you can afford. Look for oil-based moisturizers, since they help skin retain moisture. Other nourishing ingredients include lavender, chamomile and jojoba.


Sunscreen? In the winter? Yes! The winter sun can be just as penetrating and damaging as the summer sun. Also remember to use gloves and scarves to protect your face and hands from the harsh elements.


Besides keeping you warm and cozy, heating systems can also dry out air and drain moisture. Fight those negative effects by using a humidifier — especially in the bedroom— in the winter months to replenish that moisture.


Drinking lots of water in the winter doesn’t often happen because the focus is on hot drinks. But drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin hydrated.