Slide, Ski, Splash and Boat

Whether it’s swimming, skiing or boating, summer to many literally means diving in or taking to America’s great waterways. Here’s what’s happening this summer with all these activities.


No matter where you live or your summer vacation destination, water parks are always within reach. Many towns and cities feature water parks, as do all the major amusement parks dotted across the nation. For sure-fire family fun that will especially please the kids, water parks offer all sorts of exciting thrills, from flume rides and slides to sliding bodysurfing mats, pools and more. A few our favorites in Missouri are Big Surf Waterpark at the Lake of the Ozarks or White Water in Branson, Missouri.


For the adventurous, there are many exciting, affordable activities available for rent. Among these are water mats, water skiing, jet skis, parasailing, paddle boarding and surfing. Some of these activities require at least some pre-instruction in order to ensure safety. But each is a fun way for people of all ages to spend time on a lake or at the beach. Iguana Watersports offers vacation rentals, boating, and PWC rentals on the Lake of the Ozarks. Another fun adventure is head to Branson Shores Resort where you can play your vacation on Table Rock Lake and enjoy their pontoons, kayaking, paddle boarding and so much more.


Boating enthusiasts can’t wait for summer to pull up anchor and head out on the lake or seas for fun times on the water. If you’re new to boating or looking to buy as summer approaches, here’s some trends to be aware of that will enhance your experience. New boat models this year are more hi-tech and advanced than ever before. outlined the following features sure to make your boating experience more enjoyable and secure:

Connectivity: Look for improved Wi-Fi streaming that goes above and beyond normal Bluetooth connectivity.

Security: More boat manufacturers are offering remote monitoring systems with smartphone apps that let you keep tabs on your boat’s location at all times.

Stabilization: Advanced stabilizers that keep boats going smooth in rocky waters were once just available in larger craft. But now even smaller boats feature gyro systems that counter the sea’s unpredictable chops.

Pontoons: Ever-popular, these versatile craft are easy to clean and feature more innovative features and furnishings.

Power: 200hp outboard motors were once the top standard, but no more. That horsepower has doubled, sometimes tripled in newer boats featuring motors from Mercury, Yamaha and Seven Marine. And you can always add multiple motors for supercharged performance.

Consoles: New boats don’t forget the captain! Updated models now feature bigger multi-function consoles and docking cameras.

Sun protection: Out on the water for hours? The sun can become blistering. Which is why new boats are now designed with coverage, even in smaller craft. Larger rigs can feature retractable awnings for shade.


There are numerous, inexpensive ways to enjoy the water this summer. From the simple joys of a rope swing by a lake to rafting, canoeing or tubing on the country’s numerous rivers.