Slide, Ski, Splash and Boat

Whether it’s swimming, skiing or boating, summer to many literally means diving in or taking to America’s great waterways. Here’s what’s happening this summer with all these activities. WATER PARKS No matter where you live […]

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Planning a Good Staycation

You took time off work, the kids are off from school — and you don’t want to waste this time just sitting around. Plan your staycation like you would a trip out of town. Make […]

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Staycation with Children

Some tips to involve your children in the planning and executing of fun activities that will be as scrapbook- and story-worthy as a trip somewhere. ENLIST THEIR HELP IN PLANNING Ask your kids what they […]


Silver Dollar City Opens in Just One Week

Biggest Year of Entertainment, Opening March 13 Presenting its biggest and boldest year of entertainment in history, Silver Dollar City opens this week, March 13, for the 2019 season. Declaring 2019 as “The Year of Shows & […]

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Silver Dollar City Presents the Spirit of America: Craftsmanship, Cowboys & Native American Artistry at National Crafts & Cowboy Festival

America’s spirit of frontier ingenuity and adventure fills the streets of Silver Dollar City as the 1880s-style theme park features craftsmanship, cowboys, chuck wagon cooking and Native American artistry for The National Crafts & Cowboy […]