Easter Sweets to Make at Home

Everyone loves a jellybean, but some Easter delights are best when made at home. Here’s a sweet truffle recipe that is as adorable as it is delicious.


Makes 36 candies. Recipe is from the Food Network.

• 1 14.3-oz. package of chocolate sandwich cookies

• 6 oz. cream cheese

• ¾ cup confectioners sugar

• ¾ tsp. meringue powder

• Pink gel food coloring

• Black gel food coloring

• 2 cups white candy melting wafers (about 13 oz.)

• 1 tsp. refined coconut oil

• White sanding sugar

• Pink sanding sugar

• 45 mini marshmallows

1. Line 2 rimmed baking sheets with parchment paper.

2. Pulse the cookies in a food processor until they are fine crumbs. Add the cream cheese and pulse until the mixture begins to ball up. Transfer to a large bowl and knead until completely combined.

3. Roll out about a third of the mixture into 18 small truffles. Place them on a prepared baking sheet. These are your bunny heads.

4. Roll the remaining mixture into 10 larger truffles and place on the second sheet. Refrigerate both sheets until firm, about an hour. These are your bunny butts.

5. Prepare the decorations. For the royal icing, combine the confectioners sugar and meringue powder in the bowl of a stand mixer. Beat on low speed to combine. Add 2 ½ teaspoons of water and increase the speed to medium.

6. Beat the mixture until the icing is stiff enough to hold a peak but still soft enough to pipe. It should take about 2 minutes. If the icing is too stiff, add a little more water.

7. Divide the icing evenly into two bowls. Tint one bright pink and the other black with the food coloring. Put the colored frosting into piping bags and set aside.

8. Combine the candy melting wafers and coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave it in 20-second intervals, stirring between, until the wafers are smooth and melted. Set aside.

9. Place the sanding sugars in separate bowls.

10. Cut 9 of the marshmallows crosswise to form 18 halves. Carefully dip each half into the white candy coating. Let the excess drip, then dip into the white sugar. Place the marshmallows sugar side up on a plate. These are your bunny tails.

11. Cut 18 marshmallows on the diagonal to create 18 pairs of bunny ears. Dip a flat side into the candy coating and then into the pink guar. Place them sugar side up on a plate to set.

12. Cut the last 18 marshmallows in half lengthwise to make 18 pairs of feet. Set aside.

13. Put a truffle into the white candy coating and use two forks to evenly coat. Lift it out, let the excess drip, then return to the baking sheet. If the candy cools too much, return it to the microwave for 20 seconds to reheat.

14. Dip the bunny ears in the candy coating, then place on the top of a small truffle. Hold them in place until the coating sets, about 15 seconds. Pipe a pink heart for a nose and a pair of black eyes and mouth.

15. Dip the cut side of a marshmallow tail into the candy coating. Place the tail on top of a large truffle and hold in place until the coating sets. Dip the cut sides of two marshmallow feet into the candy and put them in place. Use the pink icing to pipe a large oval on top of each foot and three small circles underneath for the toes.

16. Set all the truffles into the fridge to chill, about 10 minutes.