#HealthTipTuesday Sticking To Your Diet During The Fair

We know the fair comes up at the end of every summer with fun entertainment and our favorite delicious fair food. Unfortunately for us, much of that tasty food is less than calorie friendly. With high fat, carbs, and sodium contents, the fair can quickly knock off a week’s worth of progress.

So how can you enjoy the fair and now worry about weight gain? It’s really simple.

Follow these 3 tips for a successful trip at the fair:

1. Share Your Food: Chances are you’re going to the fair with a friend or family member, right? Great! Split everything. Sampling your food is a win-win for your wallet, waistline AND allows you to try more foods!

2. Eat Protein: As you eat your meal be sure that it has a good source of protein because you’ll less likely crave everything you see (and smell!). Many fair foods are primarily carbohydrates and fat which aren’t filling. Be sure to seek out good sources of protein like a giant turkey leg or a sandwich from Pork Place to keep you feeling full LONGER!

3. Drink Water: Start hydrating first thing in the morning before arriving at the fair. It will make a tremendous difference in your energy and food consumption throughout the day. Schedule regular beverage breaks and keep a water bottle handy so you can take frequent sips of water. Some vendors do sell water bottles for only a dollar which is convenient! Water, unsweetened iced tea, iced coffee or diet soda are good beverage options. As you stay hydrated throughout the day you will feel better, consume less food and flush out all the extra sodium consumed. You’ll be thankful you stay hydrated the next day when you step on the scale. So drink up!

I truly believe a balanced life must include the occasional splurge – however, we can adapt and learn how to enjoy the experience at the fair without hindering a week’s worth of progress!