Quick Crafts for Kids

During the long weeks of quarantine or homeschooling, you probably had a whole lifetime’s worth of “I’m bored.” Next time cabin fever sneaks up, here are some DIY activities to keep the kiddos out of your hair. 

Have the kids find items that match a color, a letter, a sound and more. If your kids are on the mischievous side, you might want to set some ground rules such as no live animals. 

Next time you’re at the garden store, pick up some river rocks that are big enough for your kids to work with but small enough for them to pick up themselves. Let the kids loose with craft paint and see what they come up with. Encourage them to make up a story or to paint the rocks in cheery colors and themes. For extra fun, coat them in sealant and hide them around the yard. 

Grab some copy paper and markers. Let the kids create a single-line scribble using the black marker, then fill the shape with different colors of markers or crayons for a fun abstract piece. 

Fill a balloon part of the way with cornstarch. Tie a knit and let the kiddos decorate their new homemade stress balls. These are great for road trips and fidgety kids. 

Put uncooked rice in freezer bags, then drop in a few drops of gel food dye. Shake and mash the rice and food coloring together – this is fun for the little ones – and then pour each color onto a baking sheet. Bake to set the dye and you’re ready to go. Let the kids make their own pictures and sort the colors. 

That’s a fun word, isn’t it? Ooblek is a gooey substance somewhere between water and slime. Make it by mixing two cups of cornstarch with one cup of water and, if you’d like, food coloring. Mix to combine. Your ooblek should be solid if you apply pressure and melt back into a liquid when you let go. If the ooblek is too wet, add a little more cornstarch and mix again. Too dry? Do the same with water.