Not About Fashion

By Tiffany Ash

This months column is not about fashion. Like not at all… and I’m ok with it. It is about sisterhood, though. It’s about community. It’s about the people behind the fashion.

Given the current state of our circumstances, I couldn’t bring myself to write about spring wedges or summer beach hair. Not that I don’t love those things, or wish we were thinking about those things, but in light of what’s happening in our world, wedges and beach waves seem slightly insignificant.

You see, chances are if you shop from a boutique, you likely help support a mom, a grandma, a start up entrepreneur; you support a dreamer for sure! And behind every boutique owner, is her support system. For me, that’s family, that’s friends, but that’s also my fellow boutique owners who I go to for advice and connection and information. It’s not easy in the business world to build a community like this. But I’m here to say it loud and clear that if this situation we’re in right now doesn’t encourage you to have a community over competition mindset, then nothing will.

I often remind myself on the hardest days why I wanted to be a boutique owner and a representative for fashion in the first place. It’s because this industry has a loud voice of influence. A voice that has power to contribute to the lives of women in a significant and meaningful way. My dream has been to do that for my customers, but even more so for my “competition”.

I want her to grow, I want her to prosper in her business. I want her to succeed. Because when she does we all do! Her success is not my failure. Her success actually opens the door for more of us to succeed. It’s a mindset of opportunity and growth and I’m here for it in every way.

Meet my boutique sisters in the lake area. We are not sure when this virus will pass and our doors will be open again. But until they are, we stand in support of one another and in support of our communities.