Natural materials can bring beauty and warmth to your home during the holiday season.

One evergreen theme for decorating your home involves incorporating natural elements into your holiday décor. It’s a choice that fills your house with elegance while also being affordable as you can find decorating elements in your own backyard. Natural materials create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. You can use evergreens, flowers, fruits, acorns, leaves, branches or pinecones. Not only do natural materials provide warmth and make your house look great, but they also contribute to a eco-friendlier and more sustainable décor as you are using organic elements that bio-degrade and don’t have to consume fuel being delivered from halfway around the world.


There are many ways to incorporate natural elements into your holiday décor. Create wreaths using a combination of fresh greenery, pinecones, and dried flowers. Craft garlands using twigs, leaves, and berries, intertwined with fairy lights for an enchanting effect. Use pinecones as place card holders or tree ornaments with personalized names or messages.

Decorate with dried citrus slices, cinnamon sticks, and herbs to add aromatic and visual appeal. Incorporate natural elements into table settings, such as using leaf shaped coasters or wooden serving platters. Hang bundles of dried herbs or spices in doorways or near the fireplace to create a fragrant ambiance.


Gather materials from your own backyard. Look for pinecones, branches, leaves or berries that can be incorporated into your decorations. Visit local parks or forests and get permission to collect fallen branches, twigs or interesting natural elements like acorns or dried seed pods. Support your local farmers or nurseries by purchasing fresh greenery from them.

Apply a clear sealant spray to natural elements such as pinecones or dried branches to preserve their appearance and prevent them from deteriorating. You can also preserve leaves or flowers by pressing them between heavy books or using a flower press to maintain their shape and color.

Select a prominent area, such as a fireplace mantle or dining table to arrange your natural elements. Mix textures and colors to add visual interest and depth to your arrangements. Combine your outdoor elements with other decorations such as ribbons, ornaments or candles. Arrange your décor in varying heights and sizes to create balance and harmony. Use larger items as anchors and fill in with smaller pieces. Keep your organic decorative pieces hydrated.

Mist or spritz fresh greenery with water to maintain freshness and keep them from drying out. Keep flammable items away from direct sunlight, heating vents or open flames. This will also help keep them from wilting. Watch for signs of insect or pest infestation. Embrace the beauty of nature this season and infuse your home with the warmth of organic materials.