Add Dazzle and Magic

Illuminate your home this year with unconventional outdoor holiday lighting, moving beyond traditional stringed lights. With new technology transforming the lighting industry, you have the potential to create a dazzling and unique touch to holiday decorations using creative alternatives.


LED projections can transform the exterior of your home into a captivating visual display. The variety available means that you can customize them to tell your own creative story. Projection options include snowflakes, Santa Claus, flying reindeer, menorahs, and other festive patterns. Once you set a projector up, you can point it at your house and create effects such as falling snow. You can also purchase a variety of video scenes and DVD projection content to plug into the projector. These work best when projected against a flat surface, but with a little bit of creativity and multiple projectors, you can use them on trees or other landscaping elements.


Illuminating your sidewalks, driveways or backyard paths to guide visitors or family members through your home during the holiday season is festive and increases their safety. There are many ways to achieve a charming ambiance including solar-powered path lights, LED strip lights or lanterns. White is always a popular choice, but so are festive holiday colors or effects that are made to look like candles or luminaries. Avoid actual flames unless you are there to supervise them the entire time they are lit.


Laser light shows have gained popularity in recent years, expanding beyond the basic concept of LED projectors. The more powerful laser projectors can create dynamic and vibrant displays, projecting patterns and colors onto the exterior of your home or garage. These projectors are noted for their ease of setup — no more spending hours climbing on ladders to hang and rehang lights to get just the right effect. They typically come with remote controls and timers so you don’t even have to go outside in the snow to change up the look of your lighting display.


Themed light installations can add a touch of whimsy and personality to your holiday décor. They can combine many traditional elements with new lighting technology. Examples can include oversized ornaments, lighted reindeer or snowmen or even synchronized light shows set to music. These installations are filled with DIY possibilities and the opportunity to let creativity shine.

Most people have their own favorite holiday icon, whether bells or stars or specific characters such as the Grinch or the Nutcracker toy soldier. Search through local stores to find lighted holiday elements that fit your theme. If you are hesitant about creating your own display, there are many local professionals who will come out and hang lights for you based on the look, theme and design you want. Unconventional outdoor lighting goes beyond the ordinary and elevates the festive atmosphere of the holiday. Explore these unconventional ideas and unleash your creativity to illuminate your home this year.