How to Have a Successful Weekend Without Derailing Your Weight Loss Progress.

If you’ve been watching what you eat during the week, don’t let the fact that it’s a weekend get in your way!

The weekend isn’t an excuse to take a break from your goals. We’ve worked hard all week, now let’s continue the momentum during the weekend!
Here are some ways to stick to your diet and fitness routine and still enjoy the break from work, school, kid’s activities, or anything else you have going on during the week!

1. Move your body for 20+ Minutes. Go for a walk, a bike ride, or to an exercise class you don’t have time for during the week. Whatever your preference, just do something active! You’ll feel better getting is some sort of activity!

2. Watch the alcohol. It’s easy to overdo the drinking over the weekend. Between dinner out, meeting friends for drinks, or perhaps a party or two, you’re likely going to be faced with many alcoholic beverages. Your best bet? Swap one or two alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones or water in between. Trust me — you’ll be happy when you don’t have a hangover the next morning.

3. Stay Hydrated. We can avoid a lot of mindless eating and overeating if we stay hydrated. Keep your water at arms reach and see how much more successful your weekend get.

4. Keep your goals in mind. A habit I always tell my clients to start doing to help them get fit and healthy is to write down their goals somewhere they will see them EVERY DAY. Whether it’s on a mirror, a sticky note in your car, a whiteboard in your room, your refrigerator door or the wallpaper of your phone, making them visible helps you keep your eye on the prize! When you have a craving or want to skip a workout, your goals often slip your mind. Keeping your goals visible at all times will remind you of what you are working toward even in your weakest moments and not let weekend activities get in the way.

5. Reflect Back. If your past weekend wasn’t successful… what’s one way we can make the next one successful? The more you reflect and take action to get better, the easier your weekends will become. And one day, you will wake up on Monday weighing less than you did on Friday! I promise! It just takes time to reflect an adjust!

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Have a great Tuesday!

-Coach T