SOLAR ECLIPSE | Activities For Children

When children are fortunate enough to witness a solar eclipse in 2024, it presents a wonderful opportunity to engage them in fun activities while teaching them about the wonders of astronomy. Here are some updated and exciting ideas to make the most of this celestial event:


One of the best ways to explain a solar eclipse to children is through a simple and hands-on demonstration. Gather a globe, a tennis ball, and a flashlight. Turn off the lights to create a darkened room and showcase how a solar eclipse unfolds. Move the tennis ball in front of the globe to mimic the moon passing in front of the sun, and observe how it casts a shadow on the globe. This interactive activity helps kids visualize and understand the eclipse phenomenon.


Explaining the concept of the differing sizes of the moon and the sun can be challenging for young children. To illustrate this, grab a quarter and a dinner plate. Ask one child to hold the quarter while another holds the plate. When viewed up close, it’s evident that the quarter is smaller. However, as they move farther apart or bring the quarter closer to their eye, the quarter can appear larger than the dinner plate. Encourage your child to predict how far their friend must walk before the quarter completely covers the dinner plate. This activity effectively demonstrates the importance of perspective and how the sun, although appearing similar in size to the moon in the sky, is actually about 400 times larger.


Harness your child’s digital interests by exploring educational videos online about the 2024 solar eclipse. The internet offers a plethora of child-friendly, age-appropriate videos that explain the significance of a total solar eclipse and why the upcoming event is extraordinary. Conduct a search on YouTube or other video-sharing platforms to find engaging videos that provide insights into the basics of astronomy. Sit down with your children and enjoy these videos together, fostering a deeper understanding of this celestial spectacle.


Get your children involved in the kitchen by preparing eclipse-themed treats for the occasion. While it may require a bit more time and supervision from parents, allowing children to participate in baking activities not only teaches them essential life skills but also creates lasting memories. Under your careful guidance, kids can assist in mixing batters, cutting out eclipse shaped cookies, and pouring ingredients. It’s a delightful way to involve them in making the solar eclipse a special and memorable day. Engaging children in these entertaining and educational activities during the solar eclipse will not only spark their curiosity about astronomy but also create cherished moments they’ll remember for years to come.