Missouri Celebrates National Black Walnut Week

This week, the Missouri Department of Agriculture celebrates the state’s position nationally in black walnut production. Governor Mike Parson has declared Sept. 29 – 30 as Black Walnut Week in Missouri. The proclamation was presented at the Black Walnut Festival in Stockton, Mo. earlier today.

“Missouri is consistently the nation’s leader in black walnut production, which shows the tremendous diversity of Missouri agriculture,” said Governor Mike Parson. “Thousands of Missourians will spend time with their families picking up black walnuts this fall, a true autumn tradition across the state. We are proud to recognize Missouri’s official state tree nut and a popular addition to ice cream, baked goods and candy.”

Black walnut trees predominantly grow in the Midwest and East-Central United States. This native, wild-grown tree is important to the agriculture industry for the edible nuts and also for lumber. The black walnut shell can be ground for use in abrasive cleaning.

“It is a pleasure to recognize Missouri’s State Tree Nut with a specially designated week,” said Director of Agriculture Chris Chinn. “Black walnuts are one of the few crops still picked up by hand, a testament to the uniqueness of this Missouri staple. The black walnut industry continues to be a true source of pride for Missouri agriculture.”

To learn more about Missouri agriculture and the Missouri Department of Agriculture, visit Agriculture.Mo.Gov.