How’s Your Brow Game? Brow Lamination

By Tiffany Ash

Hey girl! How’s your brow game? If you’re like me, fall always brings a desire to switch something up … either in my wardrobe or in my personal beauty routine.

Recently, I visited Courtney at Natural Brow Co in Osage Beach, Mo to have my brows laminated! This is a painless and fairly quick procedure, but the result is worth me telling you about! Courtney uses serums to manipulate the hair to grow upward which creates an ever so subtle change in how thick your brow appears.

Brow lamination is one of the newest trends, costs less than $100, and lasts 8-10 weeks. I’ve had my brows microbladed (about 4 years ago) and the treatment is starting to fade. I love me some strong brow game so I messaged Courtney as soon as I saw someone in the area was offering this new service.

Laminiation is a series of 3 different serums which, once applied, remain on your brow for 10-15 minutes. After the magic serums have done their thing, your eyebrow hair has been chemically treated to direct upward. For me, this improved my arch and definitely gave my brow a thicker more structured appearance!

You are instructed to condition the brows at night (she provides the conditioner) and to brush your brows every day. I notice when I wake up in the mornings my brows look “messier”. My guess is I’ve been rolling around in the night redirecting the hairs which want to point upward. I just brush them into place and they look perfect all day long!

I have to say that this is one of my favorite beauty procedures I’ve tried. The shape of your brows can change so much about your face! The fact that this subtle change took less than an hour and was painless and affordable made me so, so happy. I left the appointment and met up with my girlfriends, so there is absolutely no down time.

Check out Courtney’s instagram for some of her best before and afters! My brows aren’t as thick and full as lot of the girls who’ve had this done, so my picture just won’t do it justice compared to the way they look in person! But this pic is a little sneak peak. This is my brow post appointment with absolutely no brow pencil!