Fall Fashion Trends 2017

By Jazmin Decker

The leaves are starting to change and so are your wardrobe choices! Here are a few of the biggest trends seen in stores and on the runway this season. Get some of the best tips and find out which colors and styles work best for the fall and how to pair them with the perfect accessories for both men and women!

Menswear Trends:

Quilted Jackets: Quilted jackets are going to be in this fall and can be found in many different versions. Quilted bombers and quilted blazers are a go-to for a high fashion look this fall season. Stay warm and look fresh with a jacket that is amazing for the chillier days. Match this style of jacket with a pair of skinny jeans and a graphic tee to create the perfect outfit. 

Graphic Knitwear: This past summer we saw the return of the graphic tees and this fall is the beginning of the graphic knitwear trend. Since it’s about to be a little too chilly to wear a t-shirt alone, try wearing a sweater with one of your favorite characters or statements on it. Look fresh and stay warm throughout these next few brisk months.

Chukka Boots: These ankle-high leather or suede boots are the perfect accessory to pair with any fall outfit. If you are looking for shoes that are fancier than a simple pair of gym shoes, try a pair of Chukka boots! Rock this trend throughout the fall as you visit a few pumpkin patches and enjoy the fall weather.

Trends for Women:

Flannel Shirts: Flannel Shirts have been one of the biggest fall trends for both men and women for years and this season it is bigger than ever! Instead of wearing a tighter fitting flannel that is made for women, try wearing a looser fit flannel made for men. The looser fit flannels look perfect when paired with leggings and a tight fitting tank top or t-shirt.  

Booties: Instead of the usual pair of knee-high boots, try pairing your fall outfits with a pair of ankle-high booties! Booties are a popular fall trend this year and come in many different styles, colors, and heights. Whether your booties are brown, black, flat, healed, zippered, or button-up, find the perfect booties to complement your beautiful fall wardrobe and rock the town as confident as you can be! 

Blanket Scarves: The bigger the scarf the better this fall when it comes to pairing scarves as an accessory to your outfits. Instead of wearing a thin infinity scarf, try wearing a thicker blanket scarf that is going to

keep you both fashionable and warm all throughout the fall and winter. Find a blanket scarf with a pattern so you can easily pair it with a plain white or black t-shirt in order to create an easy and simple fall outfit. 

Fleece Pullovers: When searching for a way to stay warm, fleece pullovers are one of the biggest jacket trends this season! Although these jackets are made out of a very thick material, sometimes it is necessary in order to fight through the very chilly fall nights. Popular companies that create fleece pullovers are Patagonia, North Face, L.L Bean, True Grit, and Columbia. If you’re interested in looking good and feeling good this fall, I definitely recommend wearing a fleece pullover, you won’t regret it!

Beanies: Although beanies are popular every season of the year, they tend to be more prominent in the fall and winter seasons. Wool beanies are super stylish when paired with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. Whether you wear your hair down, in a braid, or any other possible way, pairing a beanie with it will improve your fall outfit 100%. Sport a neutral colored beanie and rock your outfit one day at a time!

Sweater Dress: For a dressier fall look, try pairing a warm sweater dress with a flannel shirt and a pair of boots. This look gives you a sense of professionalism while also looking a lot more laid back than an actual dressier style garment. Sweater dresses provide the perfect mix of comfort and cozy-knit for any chilly fall night. Another way to style this type of dress is by pairing it with a larger blanket scarf or a long, floor length cardigan. No matter how you choose to style a sweater dress, you can ultimately never go wrong! 

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