Faces of Missouri meet Becca Varner | The Bronzing Boutique

“One of my favorite things at Missouri Magazine is celebrating the people and heart behind so many amazing businesses throughout the state of Missouri. As I type out the interview, I always love reading the inspiration/heart behind their business. From the first time I met Becca I felt like I have known her my entire life. What a beautiful boss babe inside and out Becca is. She is a mom, business woman, entrepreneur, tanning guru who strives to bring the best tanning experience and products to you. It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Becca Varner, the face behind The Bronzing Boutique in Jefferson City, Missouri.” –Cheri Cranford, Founder & CEO of Missouri Magazine; CDM Media Group, LLC.

Missouri Magazine: Tell us a little about yourself and your journey.

Becca Varner: I am a momma to three children, 17, 8 and 5. I was born and raised in Jefferson City, Missouri. My degree is in psychology, trade is in banking and passion is bronzing my clients (leaving them feeling better than they came in).

Missouri Magazine: Tell us your role at The Bronzing Boutique by Becca.

Becca Varner: I am the owner and tan-guru of The Bronzing Boutique

Missouri Magazine: Share a little about Bronzing Boutique by Becca with our readers.

Becca Varner: The seed for a spray tanning business started when my mom got skin cancer for the third time. I grew up going to tanning beds with my mom and went to them myself in my teens. However, my love for the sun came with the awareness that I needed to be safer about it. After the birth of my second child, my passion grew to become my own boss. I started The Bronzing Boutique in 2012 with a studio in my home and I became the first ever mobile tanning business in JCMO. There is an importance to balance. I protect my skin with SPF and I’m all about that extra glow with my top of the line, vegan, cruelty free, brown, and violet based airbrush solution.

Missouri Magazine: What do you love most about living in Missouri?

Becca Varner: The outdoors! I love getting outside and being any body of water, I can. We are always chasing the next adventure as a family and being in the moment.

Missouri Magazine: What are your family’s favorite activities?

Becca Varner: We love pool time, vacations to experience something that gets us out of our comfort zone and movies.

Missouri Magazine: Where can someone find you when you are not at work?

Becca Varner: I’m a self-development junky so I love learning more about myself and others: psych major :), Working out, running, traveling, in the mortgage business during the day, East and West Co Ambassador, Co-Creator of the Holiday Mart JC, spending time with friends to unwind.

Missouri Magazine: What do you consider your greatest professional achievement?

Becca Varner: Cultivating balance between mind, body and spirit within my family, friends, career and my business.

Missouri Magazine: Do you have a favorite local charity?

Becca Varner: I am one of three founding co-creators of the Holiday Mart JC that raises funds for various local organizations in the JCMO area through a one-night shopping event. We have raised funds for The Central Missouri Foster Care and Adoption Association, Cody’s Gift, Iserve, Special Learning Center, Samaritan Center, Halo Inc

Missouri Magazine: What are some of your local favorite places?

Becca Varner: Love sushi (you can find a roll named after me lol) The Katy Trail, Meadow Lake Country Club, Studio573, Barvino or Vines on Broadway

Missouri Magazine: How did the name of your business originate?

Becca Varner: I researched and wrote down close to 100 names, I chose the top 10 and let my closest friends and family narrow it down.

Missouri Magazine: What inspired you or led you to your current career?

Becca Varner: I think I have a quick-witted response to that. I am a banker by day and see naked people at night. 🙂 But in reality, cultivating positivity, grown, self-love, entrepreneurship, healing or even financial freedom is just scratching the service to all I do in days’ work.

Missouri Magazine: How long have you lived in Missouri?

Becca Varner: Born and raised

Missouri Magazine: What has kept you here?

Becca Varner: My kids, they are all school aged and we have been so lucky to grow in and through this community. I’ve been so lucky and appreciative of the contribution we have been able to provide to JCMO.

Missouri Magazine: What is something on your bucket list?

Becca Varner: Well just a few weeks ago I would have said skydiving but Check…just did that one!!! It was one of the most indescribable experiences of my life besides giving birth. In addition, I’ve wanted to travel overseas more (Africa 2021-2022), expand my footprint beyond JCMO and Kearney MO and get my kids through school with a little less gray hair 🙂

Missouri Magazine: What is your favorite thing about Missouri?

Becca Varner: My community of JCMO, local adventures, good food

Missouri Magazine: What is your favorite restaurant in Missouri and what do you love there?

Becca Varner: Love Sushi, I’ve been going there since they first opened, I love this family-owned business. You can even get a Becca roll. 🙂

Missouri Magazine: Who is the most interesting person you’ve met in Missouri?

Becca Varner: It might sound cliche but every person I met is interesting. I believe nothing happens by chance, it’s a meant to be moment. Each person that I come across has a story and an impression it meant to leave in my life for some reason or another.

Missouri Magazine: What is something interesting that most people don’t know about you?

Becca Varner: Phone a friend. lol don’t have one here.

Missouri Magazine: Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?

Becca Varner: Primarily running The Bronzing Boutique as a full-time gig and working on early retirement.

Missouri Magazine: How did you get started in the tanning business?

Becca Varner: I’ve always been an avid spray tanner, but I wanted to offer something different than what we had. I wanted a more natural product that was safer on the customer and the environment and an incredible customer service experience.

Missouri Magazine: Tell us about your day.

Becca Varner: I first take time for me. I pray, read, meditate, journal, make my coffee then I’m off to dropping kids off to school, then I start my day providing advise guidance and education in the banking world, then I’m off to tanning my amazing clients. Any off day is spent working out and running my business behind the scenes.

Missouri Magazine: What is some spray tanning tips you would like to share with our readers?

Becca Varner: #1 Don’t be afraid of it. There is still such a misconception that a “spray tan” is going to turn you orange. That is not the case anymore. You want to prep, prepare the day of and have a good consistent aftercare system in place. Like I tell my clients its 50/50, we are a team that if we follow the rules then the outcome is going to be that flawless.

Missouri Magazine: Do you have any specials for your tanning clients?

Becca Varner: I always run Limited Edition scents for personally made and launched Get Naked Body Scrubs. They are ever changing, edible, all natural, gluten and paraben free to prep for your tan or on your own. My best sellers have been coffee/mint (can we say cellulite reducer), Hot Apple Cider (tea bath soak). I have had so much fun creating these based on things I enjoy. Example: Bourbon Vanilla, Candy Cane, Moscato Wine, Essential Oils, Charcoal Detox, Raspberry Lemonade.

Missouri Magazine: What are your steps for success?

Becca Varner: Clear a path for your dreams, be clear on those dreams and surround yourself with mentors and friends that help you to level up and get out of your own way when its needed.

Missouri Magazine: Where does your inspiration come from?

Becca Varner: I’m a self-growth addict so I’m always working on the next level of achievement. However, I’m raising 3 tiny humans that I want to be a mirror shifter/game changer for them to do whatever they desire. I’m finally learning that I need to divorce the outcome and marry the process and that has changed dramatically in the way I run my life.

Missouri Magazine: What is your favorite part about your job?

Becca Varner: The people, the journeys, the stories, the love they pour into me as much as I pour into them. Making an impact on some cellular level for each person I come in contact with that they believe they are capable of so much!

Missouri Magazine: What drives you most in life and your career?

Becca Varner: To provide a sense of stability for myself and my kids. Be a game shifter.

Missouri Magazine: What is your favorite quote?

Becca Varner: Get up, do the work and get better. -Kobe Bryant

Missouri Magazine: What choices have you made to invest in yourself and your own success?

Becca Varner: There have been some sacrifices for sure, but as my family has shifted within owning my business for 8 years, I shift with it. I’m so lucky to have the clients that grow and change with me.

Missouri Magazine: What is ahead for Bronzing Boutique by Becca?

Becca Varner: I’ve already expanded to Kearney; Missouri and I want to grow my team both locally and statewide.

Missouri Magazine: If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice what would it be?

Becca Varner: If I have asked for the change, growth, new goals, I need to also have the patience, grace and give myself a break.

Missouri Magazine: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Becca Varner: It’s never too late to be what you want to be.

For more information about The Bronzing Boutique by Becca follow them on Facebook or call 573-680-4758