Looking for an easy last minute costume. Check out these six easy costumes.


The heroine of World War II just takes your favorite jeans, a denim or chambray shirt, a red bandana and a bright red lip. Oh, and her signature guns-out pose. Rosie definitely rides to the rescue this Halloween.


Take your favorite umbrella and cover it with cotton batting. Cut some raindrops out of blue construction paper and affix with fishing string, curly ribbon, twine or whatever you have on hand. Don your galoshes and off you go.


Get thee to the candy aisle (and pick up the loot for trick-or-treaters while you’re there) and grab some Smarties. Put on a comfy outfit, stick the Smarties to your pants and grab your jack-o-lantern because you are D-O-N-E.


This one requires you to sacrifice a black umbrella, but that’s OK because you’re going to look fabulous. Take your favorite black hoodie. Cut the umbrella in half and use safety pins to attach the halves to the arms of your hoodie. Wrap the hinges of the umbrella in black electrical tape so they’ll fold properly. You can put ears on the hood cut from black construction paper or foam core, whatever you have in the craft box. Add black leggings and you’re a bat.


Find a fancy party dress in the back of your closet. Cut out construction paper planets (or have the kids do this one for you) and aliens. Make a sash out of wax paper, ribbon or whatever you have on hand, and write Miss Universe on it. Don your tiara and, for bonus points, tote around a stupidly large bouquet of flowers. Fake is fine. Here she is, Miss Universe!


Halloween is for posers. Rip a tee to shreds, destroy an entire stick of black eyeliner and make your hair stick on end. Top it off with a pile of costume jewelry and a denim jacket. Fingerless gloves are optional, safety pins are not.