Emma Jo’s Latest Single “In the Ozarks” Brings Country Charm and Yearning for the Great Outdoors

Emma Jo, a rising star in the midwest country music scene, is set to captivate fans once again with the release of her newest single, “In the Ozarks.” This enchanting track combines Emma Jo’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals to transport listeners on a journey through the scenic beauty of the Ozark mountains of Missouri.

Recorded last year in Nashville’s Forty-One Fifteen studio, “In the Ozarks” tells the story of a girl who resides in the bustling city, yearning for a much-needed getaway in the serene embrace of the Ozarks. Emma Jo’s genuine storytelling abilities shine through in the lyrics as the girl attempts to tempt her lover into a weekend away. “We could pitch a tent and have a hell of a weekend,” she sings.

“I wrote this song with my mom and my brother, who actually live in south Missouri,” Emma Jo says. “I wanted to capture the magic of the Ozarks, but also send a message about treasuring every special moment that you get with people you love.”

Emma Jo’s love for country music stems from her upbringing in the suburbs of Kansas City, where she could often be found singing in local bars, even in childhood. Since embarking on her professional musical journey, she has garnered a small but loyal following with her sweet Americana sound, infectious energy, and relatable storytelling. Since her full album Brave in 2018, Emma Jo’s music has been celebrated by her fans for its ability to capture the essence of life’s joys and heartbreaks.

Emma Jo’s success story continues to unfold, and “In the Ozarks” marks yet another milestone in her flourishing career. This single serves as a testament to her dedication to her craft and her commitment to connecting with her audience through her heartfelt storytelling.

“In the Ozarks” is available for streaming and download on all major digital platforms. To stay updated on Emma Jo’s latest news and releases, visit her official website at emmajomusic.com, and follow her on Instagram and TikTok @voxprincess.