Back to School Submissions

Here at Missouri Magazine, we love encouraging students of all ages to write about things they are passionate about. Our team asked local students to tell a story about a time when summer had ended and they, some very unwillingly, had to go back to school. We loved all the submissions, but these students stole the show! Read the submissions from our student authors for this issue:

By Raylee: As the days go by faster and summer comes to its end, until next year we won’t see it again! We walk in the doors and get that school smelling smell that we all know very well. It smells like papers, pencils and lady teachers perfume! But don’t forget the gym it still smells like old smelly shoes. You hear the kids talking and lockers slamming as you look for your friends that somehow disappeared. Then you see them standing over there, you run up to them. Ask them how there summer was and tell them everything you did all summer long, when your done talking the bell rings, it’s time for you first class. You walk down the halls so confused as you pass, all the teachers classrooms and the kids all walking fast. You find your class and sit in your seat and then your teacher takes roll from her white paper sheet. You look around to see, who all you have in your class. You see none of your friends, you think “Oh No.” Your teacher then gives you all assigned seats and of course on your “very lucky day” you get sat by old Nelly Jay. She’s mean and bossy and doesn’t care. You start off with math, your first subject of the day, you don’t pay attention for it’s only the first day, what could you possibly have to learn today. Your teacher then announced there will be a short quiz at the beginning of the day tomorrow how what we have learned today. Yep here goes another wonderful school year!