Anglers for the Bahamas campaign races toward $4 million in support with additional $1 million personal donation and challenge from Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris

Momentum is rapidly growing for the Anglers for the Bahamas campaign aimed at uniting the fishing community in support of Bahamas relief efforts announced in Florida last week, with a new personal donation and challenge from noted conservationist and Bass Pro Shops founder Johnny Morris now driving expected totals to surpass $4 million and climbing.

On Saturday Johnny made a personal pledge of $1 million and challenged Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s customers to turn that into $2 million by matching all in-store customer donations by $.25 on the dollar. Customers can round up their purchases or make an additional donation at registers inside all Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s stores across North America. To help achieve the challenge, Morris is also pledging to donate $100 for every Johnny Morris Signature Series rod or reel purchase.

More than 81,000 anglers donated to Anglers for the Bahamas in the first four days alone, with 100 percent of the donations directly benefitting Bahamians through Convoy of Hope, a highly regarded 501(C)(3 not-for-profit charity with emergency responders currently plugged in on the front lines throughout the Bahamas. Industry partners including Tyson Foods and Jack Links Beef Jerky have contributed to the effort, though Morris stresses individual contributions of any size from the angling community are vital given the scale of the crisis.

“The wonderful people of the Bahamas need our help, and by uniting together as anglers united for good we can collectively make a huge positive difference,” said Johnny Morris. “We are sincerely grateful to all those who have donated to this effort, and want to do all we can to encourage others to join us in supporting Convoy of Hope as they assist the Bahamas during this critical time by challenging our customers and anglers everywhere to contribute. Every dollar makes a difference.”

To encourage even broader support, customers who donate at least $5 or more in Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s stores will receive a limited-edition Anglers for the Bahamas bumper sticker. The stickers, which can be displayed on cars, trucks and boats, will be exclusively available in stores in the coming days.

Morris first announced Anglers for the Bahamas last Thursday alongside Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, prominent anglers and conservationists, and industry partners in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The campaign initially announced $2 million in pledges, with Morris’ new donation and challenge now expected to more than double that figure as outreach efforts continue.

“We’re absolutely overwhelmed by the generosity of Johnny Morris and the angling community in response to the devastation left behind by Hurricane Dorian,” said Jeff Nene, national spokesman for Convoy of Hope. “The outpouring of support from anglers has allowed us to further engage in much-needed relief efforts on the islands and provide hope to thousands of people who need our help right now. Together, we’re making a positive and lasting difference.” 

To donate directly to relief efforts, please visit