Life + Style

DIY Outdoor Movie Nights

Transform your backyard or local park into an enchanting outdoor cinema with a DIY outdoor movie night. Whether you’re planning a cozy movie night for family and friends or hosting a community gathering under the […]

Food + Drinks

Flavors of Summer | Strawberry Drinks

STRAWBERRY MILKSHAKES Makes four servings. Recipe is from Taste of Home. Ingredients 2/3 cup 2% milk 3 cups strawberry ice cream 1 cup fresh strawberries 2 tablespoons strawberry syrup Directions In a blender, combine all […]

Food + Drinks

Low-Calorie Summer Sips

Here’s cool a recipe from Diary of a Recipe Collector to enjoy on a hot summer day, with about 100 calories. IngredientsIceSugar-free lemonade liquid drink enhancer (like Crystal Light or Mio)1.5 ounces vodka of your […]


Local Business Highlight |Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life: Discover the Maid Squad Ozarks Difference!

In the heart of the Ozarks, there’s a squad that’s been quietly revolutionizing the way we look at home cleaning. Maid Squad Ozarks isn’t just about sparkling floors and spotless counters; it’s about creating a […]