EASTER FAMILY FUN | Make Your Own Easter Candy

Here’s how to craft a few of your own candies to brighten up your Easter baskets.


Makes 16 eggs. Recipe is from Taste of Home.


3/4 cup creamy peanut butter

1/2 cup butter, softened

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 1/3 confectioner’s sugar

1 cup graham cracker crumbs

1 1/2 cups dark chocolate chips

2 tablespoons shortening


1. Beat peanut butter, butter and vanilla until blended. Gradually beat in confectioner’s sugar and cracker crumbs. Shape the mixture into 16 eggs and place them on paper-lined baking sheets. Refrigerate 30 minutes, or until firm.

2. Melt the chocolate chips and shortening in a microwave. Stir until smooth.

3. Dip the eggs in the chocolate mixture and allow the excess to drip off.

4. Return the eggs to baking sheets and refrigerate for 30 minutes.


Makes 2 pounds of candy. Recipe is from Allrecipes.


1-pound white confectioner’s coating

1-pound jellybeans


1. Line a jelly roll pan with waxed paper.

2. Melt the confectioner’s coating in the top of a double boiler, stirring frequently and scraping down the sides with a spatula to avoid scorching. Spread the melted coating onto the pan. Sprinkle the jellybeans over the top.

3. Refrigerate at least an hour or until firm.


Makes a dozen candies. Recipe is from Allrecipes.


1 1/2 cups milk

4 cups white sugar

4 cups flaked coconut

1 dash vanilla extract


1. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, stir together the milk and sugar until smooth. Heat, without stirring, to between 234 and 240 degrees or until a small amount of syrup dropped into cold water forms a soft ball that flattens when removed to a flat surface.

2. Remove from heat and stir in coconut and vanilla. Let cool slightly. Drop by rounded spoonful onto waxed paper-lined sheets and let cool completely.