30th Birthday Party! Dog Days On Lake of the Ozarks Invites All to Celebrate Three Decades in Business

The Lake of the Ozarks has seen plenty of waterfront restaurants come and go. But Dog Days has stood the test of time: the restaurant is celebrating its 30th birthday this summer!

On Sunday, June 25, Dog Days will be throwing a howlin’-good birthday party, with drink specials, giveaways, and stellar live music. Dale Blue, owner of The Fish and Co. and local musician, was a staple at Dog Days for two decades: he’ll be playing at the 30th birthday event. Then up-and-coming Nashville country trio Zeona Road will perform.

Mark and Brian Barrett opened Dog Days in 1993, starting with the small building that was already there. Over the years, they’ve added on, and Dog Days has turned into one of the most popular spots on the Lake. Since Dog Days opened, the Barrett brothers have also opened Shorty Pants and Wobbly Boots, both very successful restaurants in Osage Beach.

Over the years, what’s been the most significant change to Dog Days? Mark Barrett responds: the pool. Built in 2017, Barrett calls Dog Days pool “the biggest development we’ve made here.” Go on pretty much any summer day and you’ll see why: everyone wants to hang in the pool.

Barrett says the pool — and the general beach/pool trend among many waterfront restaurants at the Lake — has been a catalyst for how the Lake scene has evolved. “The Lake has definitely changed a lot. It used to be all about boating, but now I feel like you can come to the Lake without a boat and still be in the middle of the action and have fun… the beaches and pools.”

The Barretts invite all to come enjoy the music, the pools, the food, the drinks, and the giveaways for Dog Days’ 30th birthday on Sunday, June 25, starting at 1 p.m.